Nigella is a Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spithauben-SL Polish- Easter Egger x. She had her first hatch this summer, which was a bit of a disaster. She started with 12 purebred Australorp eggs which I was hatching for a friend.

She managed to break three eggs along the way, and then killed two chicks as they were hatching. She hatched one successfully and then abandoned the remaining eggs. I moved those eggs to another broody – one chick hatched and was returned to Nigella. She was a super-attentive mother and I had a difficult time checking out the two chicks.

They seemed robust and fluffy but I noticed when they were two days old that one had spraddle leg. It’s the first time I’ve had to deal with it. We fashioned a leg brace and gave her some water via eye dropper with the intention of returning her to Nigella. Unfortunately she died a few hours later.



Nigella and her singleton chick are now living on acreage outside of Nanaimo.

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