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Happy Easter From Some Happy Easter Eggers

I have several purebred birds, but most of them are crosses. Some people stick to one or two breeds and work toward their Standard of Perfection, but I enjoy the unpredictable nature of what two mixed birds can produce. Some of my favourite features are beards, muffs, crests and frizzles and I like a varied egg basket. So my goal has been to produce colourful eggs from cool looking birds.

Easter Eggers are not a breed, but a cross between one parent that carries at least one (of two) genes for blue eggshells and one parent that carries at least one white eggshell gene (with or without brown modifiers). The result can be daughters that lay blue, white, brown, olive, green egg or pink eggs.

My rooster only carries genes for white egg shells, while my hens carry blue or white and many have brown modifiers. Of the 15 pullets I kept from last summer that were hatched from blue or green eggs only about one-third lay blue or green eggs. I’ll write about egg shell genetics in further detail another time.

Here are some of my Easter Eggers so you can see the wide range of colours and features they’ve inherited.


Happy Easter Everyone!

2 comments on “Happy Easter From Some Happy Easter Eggers

  1. Marie Clark

    I love the colors. We get a few blue/green eggs. Smaller then the Browns but just as tasty. And who needs to color eggs when you can get them precolored.

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  2. Joan Walton


    Hi Claire,

    Thank you for the update all look so happy and healthy. Are you going to be able to sell me some eggs? I’m in need of some beautiful eggs. Please let me know if there is a possibility and I am willing to meet you to pickup. Thanking you in advance,



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