Hey Followers, I Need Your Help

I’m starting a series of health issue case studies and am looking for help. I could use information from the internet, but I’d rather collaborate with my followers.

Have you had a chicken health issue that you have documented (i.e. timelines, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc)?

Do you also have good photos that illustrate what was going on?

If your bird didn’t recover do you have DIY necropsy photos?

A necropsy report if you had one done professionally?

Willing to share them? I’ll credit you for whatever material you provide and can link to your page/website.

I just need the raw data and will shape it into a post. If you want an example take a look at the case study I posted about Ovarian Cancer or the collaborations I did with followers about Flystrike, Gapeworm, Coop FiresSinusitis.

I’m hoping that if I can post real stories (from start to finish) it might help folks experiencing similar issues.

If you don’t have material to contribute to a case study, but have an idea for what you would like to read about I’d like to hear that too.

Feel free to leave info in the comments or to contact me directly.

2 comments on “Hey Followers, I Need Your Help

  1. Borden, Carol Ann

    Hi – you can use my experience with infectious coryza if it would be helpful, including necropsy reults which identified heart failure and presence of the coryza. I don’t have any photos.

    I just this week had a sudden death in my flock. Trying to figure it out.Will let you know if I am able to get any answers.



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