Bitchin’ Chicken Memes: 1

And Now For Something Completely Different

The first year of this blog was filled with stories from my personal experience and 30 profiles of chicken keepers in the series ‘Having Chickens Is A Great Way To Meet Your Neighbours’ with a smattering of health issues posts.

Last year, I amped up the health issues posts and collaborated with more than a dozen other folks who supplied me with their notes, photos, videos, x-rays and necropsy reports which I turned into case studies.

Over the holidays I decided to play with some of my several thousand chicken photos in my archive and turn them into memes. I’m using a free-for-30-days program and am still learning about the backgrounds, fonts and effects. By the time I’ve grown somewhat proficient my trial will be up and I’ll be looking for another free, or at least less expensive, means to continue doing something chicken related that’s not about writing. Any recommendations for a good meme maker would be appreciated.

I’m sure most folks think they are witty or creative or whatever they value. I make myself laugh, but I’m not always sure my sense of humour or sensibility is shared by others. So I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me some (gentle) constructive criticism re: subject matter and presentation (i.e. backgrounds, fonts, colours, lay-out, etc). I promise my feelings won’t be too hurt if you bring out your red pens with suggestions. Which ones did you like or not so much?

If you’ve got some interesting photos I can turn into a meme and wouldn’t mind sharing I will endeavour to do it justice and give you credit for the image.

5 comments on “Bitchin’ Chicken Memes: 1

  1. Love these. Made me smile which is always good! They are a nice relief from the health issues posts. I do love reading the health posts. I’ve learned so much from them. But these memes were a nice change!

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  2. Wendi Ferrero

    Dear BC:
    I love your memes and laugh and laugh at them, but…I find the thin, cursive font very hard to read, especially if has two different colours…
    As I am a bit of a font purist this may be only me, but you did ask…
    Thank you for everything Chicken!

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    • I concur. I’m on a new batch using a different layout (landscape vs square) and have chosen another font. Being self-taught I’m not always sure where to find the features I’m looking for. I’ll post more here soon and post new ones daily on my Facebook page. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. chickengma

    Love your memes! I find your humour entertaining and uplifting both – thank you for your memes and your invaluable knowledge which you share with all of us. A bit larger, maybe bolder print might be helpful for those of us whom have a bit of trouble seeing the smaller size font…….? Again, much appreciation for your work, but I can always lean closer to the computer to see it too lol!

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    • I’ve created @50 new memes and redid some of the original ones. I chose a landscape orientation so the text doesn’t appear on top of the image and have used a less fussy, easier to read font. I’ll be posting the new selection next month. Thanks for the feedback.


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