Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 17

Humour is one of those things that is subjective; influenced by such things as our age, culture, and language. I’m usually not one for slapstick, tending more to the cerebral wittiness of the Brits. I’m also not into the abrasiveness of screamers, the edginess of those who cross the line or the comics who score a laugh at the expense of others. I’m sure all of that takes work, but to what end?

One of my favourite bands while I was at university in the 1980s was The Smiths. I was always struck by their lyrics “It’s so easy to hate. It takes guts to be gentle and kind.” I generally avoid aiming to get a laugh at the expense of others, whether in my everyday life or in my creative work.

The theme of this month’s offering is the uplifting, the inspirational and the feel-good. We’ve got enough negativity in the world to contend with so I encourage you to surround yourself with the positive. It‘s often right in front of us, if we choose to embrace it. Enjoy!

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