Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 18

This month my memes are pretty representative of my outlook: the glass is half full, with the occasional hint of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. I’ve made a slight departure playing with a new font and larger sized format. I hope you enjoy my latest efforts. If so, leave me a like, comment and/or rate the post.

As you might be aware I create pretty positive, on the lighter side memes. Occasionally I veer, ever so slightly, into the terrain of PG-14 material. I work, in part, as a sexual health educator so I not afraid of the topic, but I often think rooster humour is pretty adolescent.

I thought I had enough material for a stand alone PG-14 post, but apparently not. Here are a few, just to say “been there, done that”. And given what kids are exposed to these days these are pretty mild.

4 comments on “Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 18

  1. These memes are wonderful! Is it allowed to print some of them out to share with friends? Thank you, Janet

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  2. I love these memes and look forward to getting your posts.

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  3. Great memes! You’re THE place for chicken appreciation!

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