Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 26

Another month has rolled around and I’ve got a few new memes to share. It seems like I still have enough material and inspiration to keep making more.

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9 comments on “Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 26

  1. I’m honestly curious, is it a prerequisite of being a chicken keeper that you be a little batshit crazy? Because almost every person I know that is a chicken nut calls themselves a crazy chicken lady. There’s hundreds of crazy chicken ladies on tiktok and they’re all my people.

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  2. I am howling !! Thank you so much for sharing ‘

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  3. These are terrific. Chuckled my way through them. Thanks a lot!

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  4. These really gave me a good chuckle, got me out of my grumpy mood! Thanks.

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  5. Marjorie Little

    I love these. I print them and stick them on to anything I mail or give away. They are a big hit. I am so glad you credit yourself within the images so I don’t have to spoil them with my crazy handwriting. Thank you so much for all the laughs and knowledge. m

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