When Art Meets Chickens

When Art Meets Chickens: 15

This is the 15th installment in a series that explores artists, crafters and writers that are inspired by chickens in their work. Some are professionals while others hobbyists, yet all have something to contribute to the world of chicken keeping and chicken art.

Lyndsy Perron

I’m not really a chicken artist; I’ve only done the one image as a part of my farm animal series. My crazy little creative heart is on to the next invention that doesn’t include chickens at this time. I’m moving to a farm in spring so that might change everything. My passion is everywhere.

Miranda Smith

I’m 22 years old and have been drawing every day since I can remember. Although I’ve never had any professional training or schooling, I still consider myself an artist. It’s something that’s deeply ingrained within me. I love working with my hands, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, sewing dolls or writing. Creation and expression are vital to my sanity. I’m not sure who I’d be if I couldn’t call myself an artist. 

I was raised in Liberty, Maine deep in the woods with my many animal companions. I grew up alongside dogs, cats, rabbits, goats and yes, chickens. They were good friends of mine and their company was something that shaped me into the animal lover I am today. Sadly, I don’t currently own any chickens (other than the stuffed animals on my shelf.) I’ve since moved to the city where I’m unable to give them the space they deserve. 

My goal is to one day move back to the country where I can care for at least three hens, who I will name Betty, Penny and Janine. In the meantime, my love for chickens remains strong. I continue to draw them, sew chicken stuffed animals and read blogs like this one to get me through the long chickenless days. 

Kylie Drake

I’ve had chickens since I was 11 and they have always been my responsibility to care for. I’ve currently got nine. Over the years I’ve had a variety of pets and have found that reptiles, mammals, fish, and birds are all very different from each other. Birds have been my favorite to interact and bond with. They are beautiful, caring creatures that I feel get overlooked by far too many. Dogs and cats are well established and respected but pigeons, chickens and budgies get characterized as ‘mindless’ feeder animals when in reality they have just as much personality and heart as any dog or cat.

What inspires me to draw my birds is they are my babies and I know I won’t get to be with them for very long so having a beautiful picture of them to remember them by is nice to have. I’ve been drawing for 11 years now, mostly just traditional graphite with just a little bit of white charcoal and gel pen. I’ve had several art classes and I used to do a lot of pet portrait commissions. I don’t have as much free time for them because of my job but I plan on being a stay-at-home mom with a small hobby farm on the side. Eventually I want to do more commissions once I’m home more.

Erik Greenawalt

My passion for chalk art began more than a decade ago in the driveway of my suburban Pittsburgh home, when my then-toddler-aged daughters, Jaycie and Jenna, first asked me to draw Mickey, Cinderella, Elmo and Eeyore. Those young art directors were very demanding and wanted more and more elaborate pieces. I soon became known as “The Chalking Dad” among my neighbors.

In real life I’m a Certified Public Accountant working in corporate finance and also a certified “master” chalk artist in the Florida Chalk Artist Association. I participate in street painting festivals around the world, where I join other artists in creating large-scale, elaborate chalk drawings over several days. My Tiffany egg box is my first chicken-related piece.

Thanks to all the the folks who shared their stories and art, used with permission. Featured image credit: Haitian painter Sisson Blanchard

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