Why Bitchin’ Chickens …

bitch·​in’ | \ˈbi-chən \

Adjective: remarkably good, cool, excellent. “Look at that bitchin’ rooster”

Verb: to express displeasure; grumble,   “Quit yer bitchin’, I’ll be out of the nest box in a minute.”

Anyone who’s had chickens knows how fun they are. They’re beautiful, entertaining, have personalities of their own and are just plain bitchin’.

You also know that chickens like to talk. My hens can go on and on, complaining about who got to the favourite nest box first, who’s in the best roost bar spot, who’s grabbed the best treat first. Roosters get a bum rap about their crowing, but I think hands down hens do a lot more bitchin’.

3 comments on “Why Bitchin’ Chickens …

  1. hahaha – love those Abjective/Verbs – so apt!

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  2. That is the best!!! I just stumbled into your page and am already hooked!

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