Anne stopped to chat with me on the ferry last week. She’d met me on the Tour D’Coop and knew I had chickens. She offered me some of her unused chicken equipment so I went to pick it up a few days later.

She and her husband, Steve, are downsizing. After living here for 15 years they are starting a new chapter of their lives by moving to New Brunswick next spring. They’re juggling the renovations on their new place – a character home on ½ acre while getting ready to sell their house on Gabriola.

When I dropped by there were a couple of guys on site: one installing new gutters and other pumping their septic. Steve, a carpenter, built their place and the out buildings, which include two chicken coops (only one currently in use). The whole family is camera shy. When I suggested a photo shoot, Steve ran off to chat with the septic guy, Anne wasn’t so keen and the hens all hid in their coop. I managed to coax her into one shot – taken in front of the cordwood shed, which Steve built and she did the mortar work on.

Snapping pics of the hens took a bit more patience. I think they weren’t too keen on all the commotion and strangers around. They used to have a rooster, but were concerned about disturbing the neighbours. Anne used to take him into the house nightly to sleep in the basement to avoid any issues. Anyone who has chickens can tell you that hens, collectively, make far more noise then roosters. I think the boys get a bum rap.

They won’t be able to move the hens with them so I offered to help find them new homes.

There are four girls: all Orpingtons (2 blue, 1 buff and 1 black). The eldest is over four years old and the others are around 2. They are healthy, laying and would make good pets. If you’re interested in offering them a new place, let me know and I’ll pass your info on to Anne. She loves her birds and would be happy to pass them on to someone else who would appreciate them as much as she has.

Update: Anne’s hens have found a new home, right here on Gabriola.

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