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Gemma’s Split Beak

If you keep chickens long enough you will run across practically every medical emergency or illness. Going through my photo archive I found some pics that document some of my experiences.

Chickens are constantly foraging in the ground and its easy for them to hit their beak or catch it on something hard.

This is Gemma, an Easter Egger, who split the last 3/4″ of her beak, so that it forked at the end. I was concerned, that in continuing to use her beak, she would make the split worse.

The fix required two people and a bit of ingenuity. We cut up a tea bag casing, made a small square which was then soaked in crazy glue. One person squeezed the beak together while the other applied the patch to hold the split tightly together. We shaved a bit of the beak tip off with nail clippers and an emory board.

Since the beak is always growing its easy to continue to shave off the tip and apply a new patch. She healed up just fine.

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