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Transylvanian Naked Necks

You know how sometimes you have to be dragged kicking & screaming to something, only later to discover you like it?

When I offered one of my hatching egg customers some Naked Neck eggs she declined saying they ‘weren’t her cup of tea’. I persisted, and added two free eggs to her order. Because the hen only carries one naked neck gene and the rooster none their offspring only had a 50% of having a naked neck.

Wouldn’t you know it that both eggs hatched and turned out to carry the NN gene? And guess what? They are only 4 days old and she loves them.

One looks a bit more like their mother (3/4 Black Copper Marans x 1/4 NN) and the other like their father (3/4 SS Appenzeller Spitzhauben x 1/4 SL Polish).

Birds that carry only one gene have a partial naked neck and look like they are wearing a bow tie in front; those with two genes have no feathers on their neck at all and are referred to as ‘strippers’.

Their full name is Transylvanian Naked Neck (or Turken). I sold some to friends from Transylvania (an area in Romania) because they reminded them of home.

The other chicks came from the same hatch and share the same dad. They all have crests and muffs and look pretty cool already.

1 comment on “Transylvanian Naked Necks

  1. I am excited to finally have a name for mine, sort of? 😀 Mine are bantam -turkens though. Sadly I only have one hen left from my original lot, but she always seems to have about a 50% gene for bowtie neck & solid black feathers (others are brown or buff)
    They were given to me in my 1st lot of rescue chickens , and I’m so glad they were. Lovely little characters, and kids just love them. Mine are excellent broody hens. I may try a Silkie cross next for the old gal, or I will splurge for a Turken Roo.

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