STOP: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 Before Reading This … Please

Wanna know a bit more about me? Check out the About page. Why Bitchin’ Chickens? Here’s the backstory. Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you what I’m trying to do with this blog and what I’d like from you.

I started Bitchin’ Chickens in mid-November 2018. I don’t know how you’ve stumbled across me or who most of you are (though I am a tad curious), I’m just happy that you’re here and will be happier if you choose to stick around. And maybe even a bit ecstatic, if you come out of the shadows and participate a little. Not your thing? That’s ok, but it’s nice to know who I’m talking to sometimes.

I’m in my 13th year of keeping chickens and I still have a lot to learn. I’m glad to see so many folks enjoying chickens, but have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of misinformation that circulates around the internet. Name any topic and you can find polar opposite opinions and advice from one site to the next, and even within groups.

Some things get repeated like a mantra, year after year, with no basis of truth. I feel that does a disservice to both new and experienced chicken-keepers , as well as to the birds that we care for. Sometimes I just have to step back, breathe and concentrate on the things I can change. And that’s where this blog comes in.

I’m an educator by trade and I want to bring the same passion and enthusiasm I have in my paid work to this site. One of my goals with Bitchin’ Chickens is to present not just my experiences, but some researched material on something new to me. I’d get bored if I kept on doing the same old, so I’m always looking to expand my horizons. That’s not so easy as many sites do not back up their assertions with empirical evidence. If you see something here you think is incorrect, please let me know; I want to present information to the highest possible standard. My goal is to strengthen my knowledge and share that with others, in order to improve the standard of care for backyard chicken flocks.

I also maintain a Facebook page, Bitchin’ Chickens Farm. I started it 6 weeks before this blog and find that folks there are more likely to comment or react. Perhaps the nature of FB is that it is more interactive. I’d love to see more of you respond to what you see. Click on ‘like’, leave a comment or use the ‘rate this’ feature (5-star system) at the top or bottom of all my posts. If there’s something you liked or would like to see, let me know. I’m open to hearing what folks want. If I don’t know the answer I’ll find it.

I’ve also partnered with several people who have been generous enough to share their stories and photos which I’ve incorporated (with credit) into my pieces. If you’ve got something interesting you feel I can use, send it my way. Collaboration is a good thing and learning is a two-way street.

If you aren’t following this blog or my FB page please consider doing so: the links for both of them are further down the home page. If you know folks who you think would enjoy my blog share my site info.

Many of my followers, somewhat surprisingly, don’t have chickens: they may have in the past, or maybe they’re just curious about what we chicken- keepers are up to. This blog is open to all and sundry. Anyone who does have chickens knows they have individual personalities, are entertaining, calming and a whole lot of fun. Let’s share the chicken love and do it with style and veracity.

In the spring of 2019 I took a day long Small Flock Management workshop led by two Avian Veterinarians from the Ministry of Agriculture. Dr Bowes referred to me as her star pupil and later completed necropsies on several birds I sent to the Animal Health Centre where she worked. We chatted a few times, she offered opinions on some of my necropsy photos and I became a fan girl. Needless to say, I was stoked to read her feedback on this blog (as I wasn’t even aware she’d seen it):  “I’m so impressed with your blog, it really rises above most others in the chicken world.” I feel like I got the seal of approval from a professional that I hold in high esteem. Dr Bowes comments (and those of my readers) make me feel like I’m on the right track.



P.S. The photo was just to grab your attention. Did it work? I thought so – he’s cuter click bait than I am. I’ll stick to writing but will continue to post shots of my stunning looking birds so you can get chicken envy.

Oh yeah, by now you’ve figured out there is no $200 – just lots of good info and maybe some laughs along the way.

24 comments on “STOP: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 Before Reading This … Please

  1. Hi! I am following your blog because I am new to Gabriola and you are teaching me so much about life here–from history, to farming, to CHICKENS! I don’t have chickens, probably never will, but I am so grateful to those of you who do because I love having fresh eggs all the time–and so I figure I should learn something about how that comes to be! Thank you!

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    • chickenaddict

      Hey Claire, I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts on fb and now here! Great information done in a humorous way! I appreciate all the issues you have written about. Some things I have dealt with, some things I dealt with soon after ready a blog, and quickly went back to re read and some things I feel better equipped to handle if the issue arises. You have also been there for me when I sent you PM’s asking for advice. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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  2. I clicked on here from BYC…that’s enough for me to follow.
    Just wanted to totally agree/commiserate with this:
    ” have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of misinformation that circulates around the internet. ”

    I try to ‘educate’, but often just sigh, and say… ‘I am NOT the jackass whisperer’.

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  3. I read your blog because I am in it lots. Also because when you ask me if I had read an article I feel guilty if I haven’t. 😜


  4. I came across your page on Facebook during my time reading and learning more about chickens. I’m happy that I have. I’ll definitely go check out your blog and sign up to keep updated.
    I’m new to the world of chickens. I have 10 pullets and learned that I also have 1 cockerel, Ozzy the Turken/Naked Neck. I am hoping and praying he will be on the calmer and more gentle side. I suppose time will only tell, until then I will continue to enjoy every moment I spend with them all. ❤️

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  5. Thanks for all of the interesting articles and posts!
    I’ve only been addicted to chickens for 1 yr… there’s alot to learn! I’m constantly trying to understand the breeds I keep. One thing I’ve been challenged by is finding specific breeding info. Feedback is always to join a club, attend the large shows… from a biosecurity perspective, and logistics (between work/farm – its hard to get my bangs cut, let alone travel hundreds of miles away to see how birds are evaluated, and talk to breeders)…. so thanks again for all of your efforts!
    I think its hard for new people to understand price differences of birds too… the difference between pet quality and a quality pure bred breeder is vast. See many posts for eggs/chicks that are EE/OE.. priced as if they are pure… many new ppl may not realize that in order to breed true, many generations must be bred, carefully recorded etc to get a breeding pair/group to consistently reproduce the same attributes as the parent flock… we’ll all fall in love with whatever hatches – and they will all lay eggs… but if ppl think they’ll hatch eggs as an example from some Isabel Cuckoo Orp’s, Opal Legbars and Blue Copper Marans and have their own breeding flock in 12 months – its not that easy. Anyone can incubate some chicks and sell at exaggerated prices – but buyer beware… the eggs/chicks may have the genetics – but what nature chooses to express – that takes years of dedication to work out with 1 in 10 (they say) that would be selected as breeders. Ppl balk at $60+ for one POL pullet… personally, that is far less than the time/expense of hatching many eggs / chicks to arrive at one who has the desired attributes.
    Another challenge has been to adhere to biosecurity while attaining the breeds a person wants…. no breeders I’ve yet to buy from have routine flock testing – at some point, you will bring in a disease. I understand why testing isn’t done… what is the point? Its crazy expensive to have a vet do a farm visit/collect samples, in all likelyhood most flocks would not test clean – thru no fault of the farmer… vaccines don’t prevent diseases, culling everything is expensive, and takes yrs to start again, and no way to prevent… in saying all this… I hope we all work together to advocate and come up with small flock solutions for everyone’s sake – especially our birds 🙂

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  6. kittyxo101

    It’s lovely to meet you and thank you so much for sharing your chicken knowledge with us all.
    Like you stated the mixed information I have seen around the internet has my head spinning so it’s wonderful now to have a blog I can follow and receive support for my little flock. Xx

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  7. Thank you for your blog and site! It has been extremely informative and user friendly for me, it is always my go too when I have a chicken related question.

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  8. Terri Opgenorth

    Well HI! I am thrilled that someone (you) is taking the time to get good information out to folks that you can back up with research!
    I am a chicken keeper of nearly 40 years but just recently I have become interested in some “fun” type breeds. I need to make a small coop for them as soon as the weather cooperates! They are all living in my house right now along with two special needs ladies I have. Needless to say it is super dusty here!
    OK–back to reading, maybe i’ll find a solution to the dust.


  9. I am enjoying your blog. I appreciate a “fact-based” approach. I am a first year chicken keeper and my work is somewhat similar to yours and I constantly struggle with urban legends and false information. Opinions are like vents….

    I am enjoying the hobby and so does my teenage daughter. We have buff Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, some pet Silkies and a a couple of brand new Ameracauna and Silver Wyandottes and live in Maryland.

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  10. joeyrose11

    I didn’t know you had a Facebook page as well, I’ll go check that out now!
    I don’t have chickens but I LOVE reading up on your strange experiences and life with chickens. Love the photos too.

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  11. Hiya! I found your case studies while looking for information on ascites/water belly. I believe one of our Rhode Island Reds has it and I’ve been researching treatments though, as a symptom of mostly untreatable conditions, treatment would be a stop gap for as long as quality of life holds up. I live in Los Angeles and it’s very hard in this big city to find anyone to teach me more advanced chicken husbandry, so your blog is becoming a really great resource for me. thank you!

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  12. I found you through the house chickens group on FB and I’m so glad I did. I certainly have some questions I need to search around your blog and see if you’ve already answered. As much as a enjoy and appreciate chicken FB groups, the information flying around can be wildly different, not helpful, and downright dangerous in some cases! I really appreciate your commitment to research including asking people’s experiences. Keep up the good work and thank you!

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  13. arizonagirl1980

    Actually Claire You found Me! I’m very glad you did, I was very surprised and pleased to be approached and asked to be used as subject matter in an article here and it introduced me to a whole New world of humor and information. Here’s to Us crazy Chicken ladies!

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  14. Hullo. Happy to have found your site – looking to find whether I can feed my chickens with comfrey leaves….. Yes but limited. I inherited 3 hens from a friend who is moving, and am want to learn as much as possible to keep them healthy and happy so that they can produce good eggs – here in South Africa!

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  15. Hi Claire! I just ran across your blog this afternoon as I was searching for info on vaulted skulls and associated injuries in Silkies and Polish chickens. An hour later, I’m still here! I am in awe of the breadth of the chicken-related stuff you cover, and appreciate your dedication to researching the real scoop on a particular subject rather than trotting out the same old misinformation that is so prevalent on the internet.

    It is worth noting that I’m one of those rare and elusive male chicken keepers that you’ve wondered about. I tell people that I keep chickens for the eggs, but the secret truth is that they are all just feathered pets. They all have names, I worry about their welfare, and mourn them when they ultimately pass on to the great coop in the sky.

    I am also a rare and elusive male chicken blogger over at Randy’s Chicken Blog.

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  16. Came across your blog trying to find info to treat my Roo for round worms (awesome info BTW), and I am so stoked to see that you are also in Canada. It is sooooooo hard to find info on chickens as backyard pets/livestock.

    I am a regular on “Back Yard Chickens” forum but really need a Canadian slant for meds and such.

    So egg-cited I found your blog!

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  17. I found your page via researching of all things the stanky vent gleet. I did very much appreciate, as did my rooster, your visuals and descriptions of delivering oral meds. Also the Monistat by mouth, who knew! We are still trying to clear things up, but you are spot on for your ethics and humor in your blog . I love it! Your new crazy chicken lady friend from Savannah, GA!

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  18. Came across your website via looking at facinating and scary prolapsed chook trachea/mucoceole photos. Are you on Gabriola Is.? One of my favorite places, now pretty far away. I’m a retiree on Waiheke Is. in NZ, now enjoying the antics and eggs of three young Barnevelders and volunteering at Native Bird Rescue. -Jeff

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