Chicken Apparel

When I mention chicken apparel do you think: cozy sweaters, funky glasses or tiny hats for your hens?

No, I’m not talking about them, but about me. I seem to have the beginnings of a burgeoning collection of socks adorned with a chicken motif.

My first pair was a gift from my sister, Pam. I can’t make out all the breeds, but there’s definitely some Silver Laced Wyandottes in that flock.

Pam's Socks

My friend, and GERTIE bus driver, Tracy, stumbled across an online shopping site and went on a little spree buying novelty gifts for her partner, daughter and dogs. I was the lucky recipient of these funky legs. I’ve yet to figure out an appropriate occasion or outfit to show them off in their full glory (I think that would require me to wear shorts, and that’s not going to happen).

Tracy's Socks

And just last week, I got a call from Karen, the receptionist at my local vet clinic asking me to drop by. She’d been out shopping and spotted these ‘Red Rooster’ beauties and bought me not one, but two, pairs. It’s a tad difficult to make out the design without me modeling them, so I put two halves together so you can see the resplendent Polish rooster. She doesn’t know it, but I breed ‘Top Hat’ chickens: crosses derived from Appenzeller Spitzhauben , Legbar, Houdan and yes, Polish birds. Very fitting.

Karen's Socks

Many years ago, I had cow-patterned vinyl dining chairs and fuzzy cow seat covers for my car. That must have been a signal for folks to get on the cow-themed bandwagon. Before I knew it I was given cow shorts, figurines, a broach, oven mitts, and tea-pot – many accompanied by cow gift cards and wrapping paper.

Maybe I’m being presumptuous, but now I’ve got the start of a chicken sock empire I’m curious about what may follow: t-shirts, artwork, wind chimes, and maybe even more socks? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. On the contrary, I am most appreciative to be in folks hearts and minds when they are in a gift-giving mood.

1 comment on “Chicken Apparel

  1. I have the knee-highs that you pictured in the center… I wore them on Halloween as a chicken zombie. It was a hit.

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