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Snappy Hatching Egg Ads: Mother’s Day

I offset some of my costs of keeping chickens by selling eating eggs, hatching eggs, chicks and occasionally pullets. There are loads of places to advertise online, but I find there’s lots of competition. I take notice of ads that are a bit different and starting posting some snappy ads of my own. Here are a couple that I use for Mother’s Day:

Snappy Ad #1

Got a broody hen in your life?

Is she sweet but a bit of a barnyard Plain Jane? Not the Belle of the Ball? No long line up of suitors? Chances are she produces offspring in her spitting image. Sweet, but a little boring.

How would you like to change all of that? I’ve got a trick that will change her destiny: slip her some of the best eggs money can buy. Let her wake up on hatch morning to some of the most stunning chicks she never thought she’d produce with her lowbrow genetics. She’ll be amazed to see a clutch full of head-turning chicks sporting crests, muffs, beards, beautiful patterning and maybe even a frizzle or naked neck. To top it off they might even lay blue or green eggs. Nothing shows that special hen in your life how much you love her more than a funky bunch of eggs.

For only $20 you can do your hen proud. Let her strut around the pen and be the talk of her peers. Nothing like gorgeous children to elevate one up the social ladder. She doesn’t need to know they aren’t her own, she’ll love them all the same – and so will you. Kill two birds (of course, not literally) with one stone: proud momma, proud farmer.

Snappy Ad #2

Got a broody in your life?

Feeling a bit embarrassed that all your hens produce plain white or boring brown eggs. No need to tell her there’ll be no ‘special’ eggs in her future with her lowbrow genetics.   And that’s because she doesn’t carry the coveted blue egg gene. But you can change all of that.

Tell her you love her for Mother’s Day. Don’t give her the gift of flowers (or chocolates) – they’ll go unappreciated. Instead surprise that momma-in-waiting with the best possible eggs you can find her. She will lovingly incubate those precious orbs and produce some of the coolest birds the two of you will ever see.

And 6 months from now you can both stand proud – no need to hang your heads anymore. When your egg customers open their carton to see the jewel box of coloured eggs they are going to be blown away by the range of blue, green/olive, brown, white or cream eggs that await them. Nothing like the ooos and ahhs of excited chefs to puff up your chest.

And how much is this self-esteem builder going to cost you? A paltry $20. Cheaper than therapy and easier on the wallet.

2 comments on “Snappy Hatching Egg Ads: Mother’s Day

  1. Danielle Newburn

    I love it!! Great advertising! I don’t know where you’re located, but if it’s close to south Alabama Im gonna need some eggs!!

    Liked by 1 person

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