Happy 1st Birthday Bitchin’ Chickens

Today is a bit of a celebration: the first anniversary of this Bitchin’ Chickens site. It’s been a sharp learning curve for me – someone who understands the basics of the internet and word processing, but not the finer details. I’ve had to learn lots and I’m sure it would have been faster, and more polished, had I had a bit of training. I was given a hand-me-down camera, which I love, but am also still learning to use. I’m sure I’ve just touched the surface of what it can do.

I’ve tried to post something here twice a week, on Monday and Thursday, occasionally more often. As you can see, I have no sponsors and make no money. In fact, I actually pay for the privilege of blogging. My goal is not about money (good thing I have paid employment), but about elevating the level of knowledge of small flock keepers, which hopefully translates into better care of our chickens. I want to create a forum for folks who love chickens and want the best for them.

Typically I work in isolation: every night after dinner, and for big chunks of my days off from work, I can be found tapping away on the keyboard. Sometimes I write about things I know; other times about things I’d like to know more about. Sometimes I sit for too long, absorbed in my work (FYI: I’ve recently developed sciatica for my efforts).

I am both eternally curious and a bit of list maker. If you’re like me and interested in who stumbled across this site over the last year here are some highlights:

  • 59, 148 views
  • 25,662 visitors
  •  the vast majority of you are from Canada & the USA , while the rest are from 109 other countries around the world (not sure if they stopped by to learn something about chickens or stumbled on in by accident).

Curious about the top 10 stories?

  1. Weird Eggs 101: The Oddities Explained (Or What’s A Fart Egg?!)
  2. The Storm That Stole Christmas  (This isn’t even about chickens, but still held the record for my most viewed post for 10 months).
  3. Got A Broody Hen? Now What?
  4. Scaly Leg Mites
  5. Ivermectin For Parasite Control
  6. Bumblefoot
  7. When An Egg Is Not An Egg
  8. Feeding Chickens: Do’s & Dont’s
  9. Predator Detective
  10. Jackie (1923- 2019): The Chicken Master’s Mother (again, not a story about chickens, but my mother’s obituary. Interesting, all the same).

So far I’ve posted 161 articles and a whopping 146,369 words. I’m afraid that once I sit down to write I can’t shut up. I’m challenged to compose something shorter than 1000 words. I’m hoping that you get something out of it.

I also have a Facebook page, Bitchin’ Chickens Farm, and post there daily. The nature of that platform is more informal and interactive. I have many more followers and get more comments than here. Remember Sally Field’s acceptance speech at the 1984 Academy Awards in which she said “You like me, right now, you like me”? Okay, this isn’t the Oscars, but it would be nice to get some validation from the folks who come here. If I can’t work for cash, I’ll work for feedback.

I have a few asks, if you can do one or more, I would be most appreciative:

  • Leave me some evidence you were here (likes, comments and/or rate a post).
  • Follow and share this blog.
  • Follow my FB Bitchin’ Chickens Farm page.
  • Check out my photos on Instagram @bitchinchickensfarm.
  • Drop me a line, make a suggestion, tell me what’s been useful or not.
  • If you see something you don’t agree with, or feel is factually incorrect, please let me know – my aim is to put out information that you can trust.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me through this last year. I hope you’ll stick around as we get bigger and better together.

4 comments on “Happy 1st Birthday Bitchin’ Chickens

  1. I love your blog and facebook page. So informative. I don’t have chickens yet. Trying to learn as much as possible now and get my chicks in the spring. Your blogs are my most saved posts. Thanks and congratulations!

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  2. Bridget M.

    Wishing you another amazing year! Happy Birthday!

    Sent from my iPhone

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wendi Ferrero

    Happy Birthday to you, Bitchin Chickens! Love your work! Hope you get cake to celebrate…and share a bit with the chooks…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Birthday to Bitchin’ Chickens! I read this blog but only some of the information sinks in…. This is a world I am not that familiar with. So interesting to see all the varieties of chickens!! I thought a chicken was just a chicken. What did I know? Best wishes for the coming year and may your audience grow.

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