Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 2

I had some time off over the Christmas holidays and made a stab at putting together my first memes. It was entertaining (I admit I can usually make myself laugh, or tear up, depending on the situation), but clearly I still had a bit to learn.

I’m entirely self taught on everything: my Facebook page, taking photos, setting up this blog and making memes. I realized once I’d made a few I had chosen a cursive font that was too fussy and hard to read. I also didn’t figure out how to save them right on the platform until I’d made a few dozen. Don’t worry, I have them all saved in a file, I just can’t make any changes to them.

I then went back to the drawing board: I remade some of them and then starting playing around with different sizes, orientations, backgrounds, fonts and images. As a teenager I loved to write poetry and collected ‘inspirational’ quotes – clearly I haven’t lost my appetite for that yet and incorporated some of it into my work.

So here are the resulting new ones. If you want to see more I post a couple each day on my Facebook page (interspersed by pop quizes, sharing stories, learning tips and posts from this blog).

If you can leave some feedback (what you liked, what you’d change) I’d be most appreciative. I hope you enjoy them.

2 comments on “Bitchin’ Chickens Memes: 2

  1. They’re all good, but the one at the top is my favourite!

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  2. Suzanne Myers

    Ha Ha Ha… I especialy got a laugh out of the one that says that the chickens are fed and watered with the preson looking frozen. I’m still laughing. Thanks Denise.

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