The Poultry Princess

The Poultry Princess: Life With Chickens

Life Before Chickens

Me eating dinner: Did you hear that sound?

Him: What sound?

Me: Sounded like a kid crying.

Him: Just leave him. He’s fine.

Life With Chickens

Me eating dinner: Did you hear that sound?

Him: What sound?

Me: Sounded like a chicken hollering.

Him: Just leave him. He’s fine.

Me: Oh HELL no! Kicks over table getting up, spills drink, but not before grabbing his plate of food and chucking it on the counter. Bursts through back door, grabs the .22, heads towards coop in complete darkness, ready to take on Bigfoot if I have to yelling, “NO ONE EATS until we find out what’s going on!”

My new reality.

And his, he is finding out.

Want to try a new diet? Buy chickens.

Him: I’ve got to run to Houston for a day trip. Are you good here?

Me: I’m fine. I’m just going to clean house a bit then maybe hang with the chickens.

Him: Outside, right?

Me: BABE! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times.

Him: Said what?

Me: Said what, what? I said I will be fine.

Him: No, I meant the outside with chickens part.

Me: Yes, they will be fine too. It’s just a day. I can handle you being gone oh so dreadfully long. I got this. I will see you tomorrow. I’ve got some dusting to do. Love you!

Him: You’re avoiding…

Me: BYEeeeeeeeeee. Work to do!

Also me:

Heide Royer is the artist behind Heidinmyworld of Art. Her creative passion lies within the animal world and is expressed through her visually compelling artwork. She is also an aspiring writer telling stories of her chicken farm life in a new book entitled “All Cooped Up – My Life with Chickens During A Pandemic”, filled with crazy antics and a lot of fowl play. It’s sure to bring laughter to any poultry loving household.

Thanks to Heide Royer for sharing her stories and photos, used with permission.

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