Log Cabin Chicken Coop

I’m always on the hunt for interesting coop designs and if they been made using existing structures and salvaged materials so much the better. My first coop was a converted playhouse-turned-sauna that was on the property when we bought it. I live in a 1940s log house, so when I came across this coop I was intrigued and reached out to owners Keith and Theresa, from Illinois for more information.

It was originally built by the family in 1994 as a playhouse for their daughter using poplar logs cleared when they built their house. Twenty-five years later, Keith spent two months repurposing it into a cosy chicken compound in the woods.

They first got chickens around twenty years ago, and clearly haven’t let chicken math get the better of them as their flock consists of 13- 16 birds.

The existing 8’x 8′ log cabin was sinking into the mud so it was jacked up so that a cinderblock foundation could be installed.

They added a 12’ x 25’ run which was later totally enclosed to form an indoor covered run that connects to an outdoor fenced ¼ acre for free ranging.

A metal roof was installed over the run and old log cabin both unifying its appearance and providing shade and shelter from the elements year round. It’s totaled wired making it predator proof.

Features include two nest boxes which are accessed from the outside, two roost bars, PVC feeder, an automated water system, indoor jungle gym tree, swing, dust bath and electricity. Water is brought in via hose.

Thanks to Keith and Theresa for sharing their story and photos, used with permission.

3 comments on “Log Cabin Chicken Coop

  1. janice power

    Love to hear about clucky hens or how you get chickens to raise and hatch babies

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  2. mrscraib

    What a nice coop and run!!!

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  3. Pamela Andrade

    Love it!

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