The Funny Farm

The Funny Farm: Hen 1, Dog 0

Most stories featuring dogs and chickens don’t have happy endings. I’m glad when different species can co-exist without one of them becoming dinner or a injured in a game of ‘shake the chicken’. This week’s tales involve chickens that manage to outsmart the family dog and get the upper hand.

I feel very conflicted right now and not really sure what to take out of the situation I just found myself in.

I gave my dog a raw chicken neck as a treat which the happy dog put down to admire and sniff. A silver Easter Egger sprinted in, grabbed the chicken neck with her beak and took off running fast, but awkwardly because that raw chicken neck was longer than her own greedy neck. It dangled down her side and breast, well, kind of like if I would have bitten into a whole five pound tube of bologna and started running with it in my teeth. That is how freaking ridiculous it looked.

And the dog! He was just sitting there looking at me like he was about to cry and wouldn’t even move or growl. I took off after the darned chicken to retrieve the treat and give it back to my dog before she reached the point where all of the chickens caught sight of it.

Luckily, with that thing in her mouth, my hen couldn’t run the way she normally does and so I was able to restore justice pretty quickly.  However, the fact is now clear that my chicken is a vicious savage.

What bothers me is I can’t decide whether my dog is an angel or an idiot. And depending on the answer what does that make me, considering that I quite literally wrestled a raw chicken neck out of a mouth of a very determined backyard chicken?

Bonny: When he looks away, we charge in, grab whatever is in his bowl, and skip!

Clyde: Why? We should go boldly and make him share.

Thanks to Natalia Foreman for sharing her stories and photos. Featured photo credit: Bitchin’ Chickens

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