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Snappy Hatching Egg Ads: Father’s Day

I offset some of my costs of keeping chickens by selling eating eggs, hatching eggs, chicks and occasionally pullets. There are loads of places to advertise online, but I find there’s lots of competition. I take notice of ads that are a bit different and starting posting some snappy ads of my own. Here is one that I use for Father’s Day:

Snappy Ad for Father’s Day

Is your rooster sweet, but lacks a bit of mojo? (If you know what I mean). A bit of a yard ornament but lacking in virility? Maybe not the best genetics to be passing on.

Or maybe you aren’t blessed with a dashing rooster and have a broody hen? Or want to try your hand at hatching with an incubator?

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Why not celebrate by getting some fantastic hatching eggs from a proven rooster? Simon just turned two, but he’s a dad many times over. His kids are the talk of the chicken yard – those tykes are not only smart as whips they are stunners.

Check out this photogenic fellow. He’s taken, but here’s your opportunity to own a little piece of ‘special’. Why settle for so-so when you can acquire some top notch genetics. I always say ‘go big or go home’. And how much is this time limited (not really, I’ve always got eggs), just-for-you offer going to set you back? Cheep, cheep. Forego a couple of lattes and you’ll be rewarded with a dozen fluffy littles in just 3 weeks. Ok, have your lattes, but you can still give me $20.






2 comments on “Snappy Hatching Egg Ads: Father’s Day

  1. Pauline Benn

    I love your ads and all your information. Keep it coming. I will be needing hatching eggs next spring again now I am getting better. No babies this year as I was in hospital.


    Liked by 1 person

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